Luciana da Costa Amorim (Heliponto)

myself. the ghosts thru me here and there. electrified
digital liquid sands. a storm of looped sounds. (LCA)

Luciana da Costa Amorim composes electronic music since 2004. Her music, released under the pseudonym of Heliponto, can be described as techno­‐influenced samba.

Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, she got into electronic music in the beginning of the nineties, being progressively active in the local scene in her hometown, as well as in the underground music and party scene of São Paulo.

After completing her MSc thesis on political views of youth connected to electronic dance music in Brazil (2004), her focus changed from research to production. After residency in Toronto 2007 at the Red Bull Music Academy, she released her first album, “Eletronia”, on her own label, Tupy, in 2008. Since then, LCA has released music and curated workshops on music and technology. Her interest in the intersections and social implications of music and technology led her to Berlin, where she lives since 2013.

LCA is currently undertaking a Masters in Sound Studies at the University of Arts (UdK) in Berlin, Germany.


electronic music composer and performer


techno, house, samba



Red Bull Music Academy, alumna, Toronto, 2007